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“Sound That Stops Time”

True Believers will discover that Tone is way far too easy to find.

And that is what goes behind the team at Elliot Guitars!

Find your tone today with Elliot Guitars!

When you pick up an Elliott guitar for the first time, it will feel as comfortable as if you’ve played it your whole life.

It will have that vintage familiarity, but with much more consistency and attention to detail. Familiar but better.

Playability, Tone, and Cosmetics.

There are too many guitars out there that lack at least one of these qualities, and the passion of the Elliott team is to offer you an anecdote. They love the guitars they build and they love the people who play them. When it comes down to it, they want you to be inspired to play. And play it LOUD.

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Peter Stroud Tonemaster, James Duke 357, Drew Shirley Royal Haven, The Raven, The Halocaster, The S-Series, The ET

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